Short Bio

She has worked as a postie, a camp cook, a waitress, a commercial fishing deckhand and a florist.Susan Through out all these occupations west coast artist Susan Pearson has always retained a clear focus on developing her artistic talents. Susan has studied fine art, graphic art and animation, at Vancouver BC colleges.

Since 1988 she has concentrated on her watercolours, exhibiting them at many Vancouver galleries and restaurants.
Susan is a lover of the sea, (and Neil Young) citing her 11 seasons spent commercial fishing (sketchbook and camera always with her). She has illustrated for children's books, magazines, t-shirt designs and posters for various causes. Susan has also created and sold many of her fine art watercolour paintings, and has taught watercolour technique since 1994.
Susan continues to freelance as an illustrator, teach watercolour technique, paint and accept commissions.

Here's why I paint flowers.

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